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Senior Animator

Location: Austin, TX
Remote Work Option: Yes
Date Opened:

Please send your resume and any examples of your work to:


  • Work with the Art Director, Lead Animator & Design team to visualize and integrate motion into a highly immersive world

  • Lead/direct activities and implementation of animation assets

  • Mentor other animators on technique and process

  • Create animations in a variety of styles, from ultra-realistic mocap based movement to highly stylized hand-keyed motion depending on the needs of the project




  • 4+ years experience in the game industry, specifically associated with character and object animation

  • Shipped 2+ titles as an animator

  • Experience using proprietary editors, software, and tools

  • Experience establishing and driving new workflows for content creation

  • Expert-level knowledge of Photoshop or other image editing tools

  • Expert-level understanding of the principles of motion as applied to characters, cameras, objects, and vehicles

  • Experience in Unreal Engine 4 (Other proprietary editors are a plus)

  • Excellent understanding of animation pipelines and workflow

  • Ability to work within predefined styles from realistic to stylized and effectively communicate this style to the rest of a team

  • Knowledge and application of both keyframe and performance capture animation in a real-time environment

  • Solid grasp of performance requirements and constraints of current-generation console and PC development

  • Solid understanding of how animation by way of performance, staging, dynamics, timing, and pacing influences player response and feedback to help make a game fun and engaging

  • Experience mentoring other artists and animators

  • Must be able to initiate visual direction without specific concept or design

  • A desire to work and support a diverse and inclusive environment

Employee Benefits

  • Competitive Salary (Location Dependent)

  • Flexible Working Hours

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Fully Remote and Location Independence

  • US Based Employees (Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance)

  • Paid Parental Leave

  • Professional Development Stipend

Next Steps

If you have the experience and the drive to be our next Senior Animator then please submit a resume and cover letter by clicking the apply button below!

5BY5 Interactive is an equal opportunity employer and adopts a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all current and prospective employees regardless of age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, gender identity, or marriage and civil partnership. We aspire to have a diverse workforce because, in our view, diversity enables better business outcomes. We also believe that a more inclusive workplace, where people of different backgrounds work together, ensures better outcomes for all staff. From application to interview, we place inclusion at the heart of all we do.

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